Gaming Chair Elements Veda Nemesis

$284.99 $230.99
The Elements Exclusive Difference

We are a brand driven and motivated to provide the most Comfortable, Stylish, and Practical chairs to our users.

Elements Chairs are 96% made of a premium suede fabric.

Suede is luxurious, breathable and surprisingly easy to clean. Unlike leather, it doesn’t crack or peel over time, it prevents users from slipping off the chair, and it doesn’t create unwanted or embarrassing noise when you move in your seat.

Extremely Adjustable and Reclining Chairs

The Elements Veda Nemesis model has maximum adjustability on both armrests with a 3-Dimensional (3D) mechanism, responsible for giving you much more mobility and comfort in everyday use.

Having the ability to adjust the armrests is a great advantage.

The premium Foam of Elements Chairs

With a density of 50kg/m³, it is the highest density in the market for any office chair.

It guarantees structure, durability and well-being for more than any stretch of gaming or working hours and for many years to come when the foam will still keep its shape.

Ergonomics + Comfort = Elements Chairs

At Elements Chairs, we pride ourselves in developing the best ergonomic and comfort in chairs and at the best price point in the market.

Elements Veda Nemesis models have Butterfly Mechanisms.

They are famous for delivering what every demanding user needs:

- Safety
- Stability
- Comfort
- Easy and quick adjustment of height and tilt
- Support up to 120kg
Do you spend several hours a day sitting in a chair?

If you do, then you know that durability needs to be taken seriously.

Elements Chairs are guaranteed for up to 5 years against structural defects. It is no surprise that even after 3, 5, or even 7 years, we have satisfied customers still using their Elements Chairs as if they were brand new.

The wheels on Elements Chairs are made of premium materials that avoids scratches on the floor.

Structural Specifications
  • Gas Cylinder:
8cm | Class 4 | PU finish

  • Product Weight:
24KG / 53lbs
  • Mechanism:

  • Balance and Relaxation Function:
  • Backrest reclining:
90º - 155º


From Floor to Arm: Minimum = 67 cm - 26.3 in (arm and seat in minimum settings).

From Floor to Arm: Maximum = 76 cm - 29.9 in (arm and seat in minimum settings).

Backrest Height: 81cm - 31.8 in 

Backrest width: 56.5 cm - 22.2 in

Seat depth: 50 cm - 19.6 in

Seat width: 54 cm - 21.2 in

Seat Width (Front) Without Side Flaps: 42cm - 16.5 in

Seat Width (Middle of Seat) Without Side Flaps: 39cm - 15.3 in

Seat Width (Seat Bottom) Without Side Flaps: 38cm - 14.9 in

General Measurements: 70 x 70 x 137cm - 27.5 x 27.5 x 53.9 in

Box: 70 x 65 x 33 cm - 27.5 x 25.5 x 12.9 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tomas anaya
Worth every penny

The price point for chair like the Veda is a really great deal, the chair is comfortable and give you that bucket feeling like a racing car seat, its worth the money if you work from home like my self, and in need for a great chair, this is it.


I love this chair! First of all, the quality is very superior than many other chairs in the market and I loved the price! Delivered right on time, it brings all the elements to put it together, with a very nice presentation touch (including an energetic stone). Putting it together it's really straightforward and had it done in no time. It's incredibly comfortable, the armrests are impressive and you feel it's a really strong chair. Definitely recommended as your next gaming/office chair!

Jennie Hawes
Forget gaming, this is the best office chair I have ever used

I bought this chair for my home office. My old office chair was causing my hip to hurt at the end of a 10 hour work day. Within a week of receiving my chair, my hip is better, as is my posture. It's super adjustable and now that I have it set up perfectly, my 10 hours flies by!

Veda Chair

Awesome product. Comfortable, stylish and easy to assemble. Super satisfied!

leanne comeau
Finally a chair my size!

Love that there are different sizes! I have never found a chair appropriate for my 5’2” height. I can now sit comfortably and adjust the armrests, tilt, and support pillows perfectly. I am loving this chair so far!