About us– Elements Chairs

About us


We are a team that loves comfort and gaming. 5 years ago in Brazil, we began our dream to make high quality gaming chairs. We made a commitment to be the best gaming chair brand in Latin America and now, the best one in North America too. 

While we are new to the North American market, we have many amazing experiences built up in Brazil. We don’t just offer a high standard of customer service, but we also offer a product made by state of the art suppliers and the best materials that we handpicked. 

We want to provide more than just a product to our customers. We want to give our customers a complete user experience. That is why we created the ECOS universe, a comic book series that connects it’s stories with the real world through our products. Our customers will feel the connection between the clans presented in the comics and the product they are using on a daily basis, the energy, the quality, the experience of being seated on a real throne. That is what we provide.

With over 80,000 Elements Chairs sold in Latin America and only a handful of complaints, we pride ourselves to have a 99.98% customer satisfaction rate, the highest of any other brands in Latin America in the last 5 years.

We are so excited to announce that we have arrived in North America. We chose Vancouver, Canada to be our head office so we can better assist you, from customer care to better delivery times. Elements Chairs has got your back!