When you think of quality, what do you think of?– Elements Chairs

When you think of quality, what do you think of?

When you think of quality, what do you think of?

Elements Chairs designed a state of the art chair with the best and most durable materials so it can last for years and attend to our customers needs. As you can see in the picture above, we literally ran over and even parked an SUV on top of our steel base to prove a point that quality and sturdiness matters!


But how can you deliver such quality and a low price point at the same time?


That’s easy, we know the struggle of building a gaming setup and how expensive it can be. Elements Chairs was created by gamers who struggled with the high prices and low quality just like you all do. That’s why we started building products that were going to last for a really long time, that had the comfort everyone needs while gaming or working from home and that didn’t rip you off, only by not being greedy while using high quality materials.


When you search for any other brand you can still find the same level of quality, but with a price point of $700 to $1200 for the same exact features and sometimes not even the same durable materials we’ve chosen or the longer warranty we offer. Will you have a great Gaming Chair? Maybe, but is it worth spending that much more when you just found Elements Chairs? Get more for the price you pay, isn’t that what we all want?


Our base as well as our frame is made of steel, one of the most durable and reliable materials on the market and as for our foam, we went for a high density injected foam so the product won’t deform over time or use and wouldn’t have you sinking on the chair while playing, allowing for a great posture and hours of gaming without discomfort.


Don’t forget the main coating is suede, which is not only different from every other gaming chair, but also more breathable and durable. Who hasn’t had the awful peel from the fake leather after using their chair for a while? We fixed that and also gave you something that won’t make you sweat over the summer or get a frostbite during the winter.


When it comes to the amazing overall design, well… you can see for yourself!


Are you still asking yourself if we offer the best deal for the best quality?


Read our product descriptions so you, as well as we, know that you are getting the best Gaming Chair on the market.