My New Office– Elements Chairs

My New Office

My New Office

My New Office

Welcome, please, step into my new office…Don't mind the laundry basket and my nightgown in here, this office doubles as my bedroom at night. It can be a little embarrassing…

I run my own business, and during a business video call, I have to make a decision if I want to keep my background the way it is or change it to a stock image. With a green screen effect, I risk the chance of the light catching the wrong way and I’ll have no head in the call. Most of the time, I just blur out the background, but it still feels slightly unnatural. I decided that it was time to look more professional with video calls.

The BEST upgrade

I upgraded my chair to something called Elements Chairs. Not only does my shoulders, back and rear thank me every day, but the bonus is that my new chair is structural enough that it covers some bedroom background on a screen. Instantly, my video calls look more professional.

Materials Are Important

Leather is tricky. If I move the wrong way, someone on a call might think my body made an unfortunate noise. The leather rubbing sound is distracting, so I decided to go with suede. A soft and cozy material that looks luxurious and high end. What I like the most about suede is that I don’t have to worry about sun damage or peeling. I had a gaming chair for several years, 6 to be exact. After 6 years, the leather condition was disgraceful, unusable and very messy because tiny bits of leather would peel and get onto everything. The company could not offer me any resolutions, and I ended up trashing it. Nobody would want it, not even for free.

A Fresh Feel

My new suede chair has some leather too, but it’s not in the high rub zone areas and it’s not exposed to constant wear and tear. With a sleek all black look, I feel like I’m sitting on something completely elegant and upscale. I should be sitting in something nice during hours upon hours of work and to make those important decisions without distractions. While the models from Elements Chairs are mainly designed as a gaming chair, there is nothing more comfortable than such a gaming chair that is intended for long hours of use. Since my new chair, I often find my husband at my desk paying DnD online. He says my computer is running better than his, but I suspect it’s my new chair. My chair also comes in handy for those bedtime moments with my kids where I can sway and roll them to sleep while reading a book. The back support on my Magna Elements Chair is strong and mighty for an extra lean with more than 1 toddler/child. It can hold over 300lbs or 150kg!

Treat Yourself

With the global move to a home office environment, it’s essential to make sure that your home office is equipped with everything you need to be productive and most importantly comfortable. Comfortable in your posture and comfortable in your video calls. You deserve it! Feel awesome, look professional and be a proactive individual who values a good work space.