Well, here we will let you know in a super complete way on how to keep your gaming chair brand new! How to take care of your gaming chair and how to clean your gaming chair mainly.

It is worth remembering and pointing out that the care of your gaming chair goes beyond cleaning. It is also important to use it correctly.

Often, sweat when in contact with the fabric, especially leather, can end up peeling it off and making it look not so cool.


But come on, time to learn!


Well, first I want to congratulate you for buying a gaming chair!

Surely now you are part of a select group of people who enjoy having quality chairs to work or play their games with great comfort and experience.

(Especially if it is an exclusive Elements chair hehe)


But nobody deserves to have a dirty gaming chair, do they?


We have all unfortunately been through this whole pandemic, for sure keeping your gaming chair clean can be a big differentiator and it's definitely super important.

First I'm going to answer the most frequently asked questions we've answered and then I'm going to summarize 2 ways we have to clean your gaming chair, so it's easier and your question can be removed faster.


- But come on, can my gaming chair spoil if I don't clean it?

This is a great question, as basic as it sounds.

Keeping your chair clean means not only care but also durability.

Keeping your gaming chair always clean also prevents any further damage from being generated to your chair.


- How to clean a suede or fabric gaming chair?

Basically, fabric chairs require a little more attention to clean them properly.

The Elements Veda Nemesis and Magna Nemesis models, for example, are all made exclusively from high-end Suede.

In this case, the ideal is to clean it first with a vacuum and vacuum any dirt that may be on your chair. Like hairs, dust and any other dirt that ends up on the fabric.

It should be done at least once a week.


- How to clean and care for the wheels of my gaming chair?

All parts of the wheels usually get a lot of dirt and dust because they are in direct contact with the floor. In this case, when choosing your chair, pay attention to the size of these pieces, as they are important when cleaning.

The Elements Arcanum Nemesis model, for example, has its exclusively larger wheels that provide a better floor walk, also better for cleaning.

Clean using a wet cloth, with neutral detergent, leaving the chair suspended so that you can access the wheels safely.


- How do I clean and care for my leather gaming chair?

Much simpler than other chairs, leather chairs are simple to clean because they have a smoother surface.

In this case, the best way to clean it is using a damp cloth or splashing water over the chair and passing a dry cloth to remove excess water.


NOTE: The less chemical you use for weekly cleaning, the better it is to preserve your chair.


- My chair has been stained, what to do?

It's a shame when that happens, huh? But everything can be fixed or cleaned.

Ideally, when you drop a substance that can stain your chair, clean it as soon as possible by putting 250 ml of warm water, 8 to 10 drops of neutral detergent and use it to clean your chair along with a cloth.

- In short, there are 2 ways to clean your gaming chair:


- 1st shape for suede gaming chair:

Cleaning in this type of fabric and chair is a little more intense because we need to fill the fabric all over to clean it well.

1° Vacuum all the fabric.

2° Pass a damp cloth with water and neutral detergent over the entire surface of the fabric.

- 2nd way – how to clean the leather gaming chair:

Much simpler than other chairs, leather chairs are simple to clean because they have a smoother surface.

1st Use only water and a dry cloth to clean your chair.


Just like that! See how simple it is?


By taking care of your gaming chair in the way I mentioned above, you'll have a chair that will last much longer than it normally would if you didn't take care of it properly. I hope I helped you with this important information!


See you later!